Friday, March 20, 2015

What side are you?

Left brain/ Right brain

This month the Art anthology design team was challenged to 
create something about art and learning.

Head over to the Art anthology blog to read all about my version and
 to see a step by step too.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hello spring!!!

I am ready for spring!!
So ready that I decided to create a cnavas to tempt mother nature to come early!

here is a look at my canvas:

Head over to the Art anthology blog to see the step by step so you can also make a spring canvas!

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dragon baby!!

Its a Dragon baby!!

Warning very large post with lots of photos 

Today I share with you a little peek at my
I usually show off my pretty artwork, the sparkly good stuff that makes my heart go pitter patter.
But today, I want to show you the other side of my creative spirit.
The side that sees things a little differently.
the side that likes things a little darker.
The assemblage side.

Today I want to show you my newest assemblage creation:
Introducing my Dragon baby!

Isn't he spectacular?

You didn't know this about me did you?
don't worry I am not headed all the way to the dark side anytime soon, I just stick my toes over the edge and feel the heat from time to time :D

Would you like to see some of the process?
Well I just happened to take a few photos so I cant tell you all about the process of creating this spunky little guy.

I headed to my local goodwill store, and browsed the aisles waiting for inspiration to hit.

I saw some cool things, but nothing had spoken to me until I saw these:

Yep! that is where I started, a simple plastic baby doll and a pull along counting toy....... pretty wicked huh?

Now to get started, I knew that I wanted the baby doll head to be on the centipede, but I couldn't fit it over, so I had to cut the back out of it. I used pruning shears to cut the back portion of the head, trying to keep the edges clean so that it could be pieced back together once it is adhered to the centipede.

At this point, I paused and admired the view from the INSIDE of the doll head..... pretty cool, kinda looked like a goldfish... well kinda.. DON'T JUDGE!

Ok so next I used my handy dandy hot glue gun to adhere the doll head to the centipede, holding it in place until the glue had set, then I adhered the back of the doll head on. It wasn't a perfect fit, so I used the hot glue to fill in the gaps.

I used a nice thick cardboard to cut some spikes for his head, and I also cut some wings, but they proved to be too heavy so I later threw those away.

Next I layered on a heavy coat of Water putty. this stuff was awesome and messy and I had a blast applying it..... to everything in close range !!!lol

I played with several different things trying to get the appearance of scales.... frustrated, I sat it aside to dry and worked on something pretty.

a day or two later, the putty was dry and I applied a layer of wood filler... this was fun too although not as fun as the water putty was.... before this had a chance to dry, I used a bath poof to give it lots of yummy texture.... you see in the few days while I waited for the water putty to dry, I had a brainstorm on how to get some scales.......

that's right! I used my handy dandy hot glue gun to draw scales.... it looked awesome! 

While I worked on the scales , I was trying to come up with an idea for a tail...... and that's when my dog walked by with his chewy..........................AN OX HORN!!  yes!! like you buy in the pet store for your dog to chew on.... she was pretty upset when I didn't give it to I will have to keep dragon baby up high enough so my dog doesn't decide that he looks yummy.
I attached the ox horn with hot glue and applied some hot glue scales to it.

After the hot glue is dry, paint the entire thing with Art Anthology Gesso.

lay on a nice thick layer of Art anthology "Basil" then just spots of"Evergreen"

Next, use a dry brush technique to apply some Art anthology "Honolulu blue"

Use your fingertips to rub on some Deco Art Metallic lustre" which will stick to the raised areas. 

I use an enamel gel on the tongue. It dries to a shiney finish.

Ok I sat all of that aside to dry and worked on the wings. I cut a coat hanger and some plastic wire
I placed it on a piece of gauze and shaped it into a wing. I then used the hot glue gun to adhere the pieces. Then I flipped it over and repeated the process.

I applied a nice thick layer of Mod podge and set it aside to allow it to dry. Once it is dry, Spray Art anthology colorations on it. I used "Fern leaf, Guacamole and Glorious"

Paint The wings with Art anthology "Basil, Evergreen and Honolulu blue"

I had my wonderful hubby drill holes in the back and insert the wings.

Now sit back and admire the lovely creation!!

Just look at that gorgeous boy!!!

All that yummy texture!!

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I hope you like my dark side!


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Sunday, February 22, 2015

All about the heart

I have a new post up on the Art Anthology blog today check it out here:

Head over to the blog for complete instructions!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Where your treasure is your heart will be also

Where your treasure is your heart will be also
February is all about love. 
What your heart loves and the things it treasures.
I wanted to create something involving the heart, but without the blingy/pink/soft/squishy part. lol
So I thought about how our hearts hold treasure that are important
to our happiness, and how we keep them all warm and safe inside our heart. That is what this piece symbolizes.
You can see complete instructions here:

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lets get beachy!

 We had a challenge over on the Art Anthology blog to create something in the style of our favorite artist.
Well this was a challenge indeed, simply because I have so many favorites.

I may like one artist today and like someone else more tomorrow.

So I browsed Pinterest and came  to a page called "Surf art" There was so many gorgeous art pieces there that I fell in love instantly. The bright colors and the bold whimsicle style made my heart soar.

One artist in particular stood out Drew Brody he has a bright fun style which I adore.

So I set out to create something in his honor. I know that I dont compare , but I really like the final result.You can see complete instructions on the Art Anthology blog here:

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

long time coming

my poor neglected little blog...... Im sorry i have been away so long...
We moved to a new state, then thanksgiving,, then christmas,, and then CHA.... and well I just realized that I havent posted in a while.

So here is some of what I have been up to, many different projects for Art anthology:

This Mannequin was made for Breast cancer awareness week. 
It was also featured in The unruly paper arts magazine.
You can find  complete instructions on the art anthology blog 

Next lets play with some abstract art
I made this piece after browsing "abstract art" on pinterest. its completely different than my usual style but I rather like how it turned out you can see complete instructions here: 

So there are a few pieces that I have created recently. I hope you like them.
Please come back later this week to see some more of my creations.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Introducing the All geared up collection!!

Its Heartfelt Creations Wednesday again! 
And this week, Heartfelt Creations is introducing a beautiful new collection that is "All Geared up"!

Shift your creativity into high gear with the All Geared Up collection from Heartfelt Creations! This imaginative mix of gears, cogs, and mechanical flowers uses deep shades of rust, brown, teal, red and cream to create a fabulous industrial vibe. Clever vanity license plates, chains, wire, rugged stripes and distressed graphics mesh perfectly with Steampunk or masculine projects, and will keep your wheels turning with ideas for "girly grunge" creations, too. The versatile All Geared Up dies feature fanciful sprockets, gears, cogs, chains and license plates that can be shaped into innovative 3-D embellishments or die cut from white cardstock to create beautiful doily accents. Six hand drawn stamp sets continue the mechanical theme with a large Cogs and Gears background stamp, themed accent stamps, mechanical bouquets and playful sentiments that are "geared" to carry your project across the finish line with a smile. The All Geared Up Collection has been designed to inspire the bold in let's gear up!

Here is my first creations with the All geared up collection:
This is the son of one of the empoyees of Heartfelt Creations. I am honored to be given the chance to use some images of the family of HC.

The gears are done with the awesome IndigoBlu Megaflakes,, just look at that beautiful patina!
This collection features gorgeous papers with hand drawn stamps that can be used for both grungy masculine pages as wel as pretty feminine pages.
Head over to the Heartfelt Creations blog to get a look at the projects by the rest of our talented design team complete with step by step instructions.
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Heartfelt Creations wednesday!

Its Wednesday again!
That means that I get to share another project with you created with the beautiful Heartfelt Creations products!
This week I used the gorgeous Classic sunflower collection  to create a layout.
This photo was taken in the beautiful North Carolina mountains is early fall. I love fall and all of the beautiful colors nature shows us, and the Classic sunflower collection shows them off perfectly!
Here is my page:

And here are some details:

 Well what do you think?

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Please head over to the Heartfelt Creations blog to see the 
creations made by our talented design team!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Beautiful sunflower!

Once again wednesday has rolled around and I am shareing my love for heartfelt Creations products.
I just cant get enough of these sunflowers! I love them!
Well they are my favorite flower after all, so it is only natural that I have fallen in love with this collection so completely.

Here is my project for this week:

I used colored pencils and Gamsol solution to blend the colors.This really gives the pencils beautiful blended shading. And shows off the gorgeous stamp perfectly!

thanks you so much for your lovely visit! Dont forget to head over to the Heartfelt Creations blog to check out the creations made by the rest of the team! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Introducing the Classic sunflower collection!

Introducing the Classic sunflower collection!

Heartfelt Creations has done it again and created another gorgeous collection to fuel your creativity!
I have to tell you that sunflowers are my favorite flower!
I love the classic unpretentious beauty that they have. They make me feel warm and happy.So, when this collection arrived on my doorstep, I fell instantly in love!

Here is my first page created with this beautiful collection:

Will you just look at those beautiful flowers! 

I cant wait to see all of the projects that our amazing team have created with this 
I know you want to see them too, so head over to the Heartfelt Creations blog to check them out.
thanks so much for stopping by!